Desert songbird over tremolo rhythms

Twin Feather


Twin Feather is Britta Knutsen and Joe Mendonca. Haunting, dreamy songbird melodies over tremolo-guitar rhythms. Knutsen’s voice is an uninhibited croon, both thrilling and warmhearted. Mellotron strings strike a desert hymn, arranged to old time twang, drum machine thumps, and the haze of theremin. 1960s psychedelia rattles against lo-fi hip-hop warble, the dusty dream of yesterday.

Meeting a decade ago in Portland, Oregon, the pair have had a longtime musical synergism. Knutsen’s captivating folk house shows attracted Mendonca, who produces under the name of Rattlehawk. Since then, the duo have had a collaboration by distance. By way of Humboldt, California and Lafayette, Colorado, Knutsen has recorded with Mendonca out of his Portland home studio. He has previously worked with artists such as Guilty Simpson, Vast Aire (Cannibal Ox), Boots Riley, Spencer Moody (Murder City Devils), and Portugal. The Man. As Rattlehawk, he has released a series of albums.

Their debut, self-titled EP is now available across all major digital music platforms. The EP is accompanied by an animated music video, designed and created by Mendonca.