Rattlehawk “Vroom the Unhaunts”

Rattlehawk “Vroom the Unhaunts”

As an artist, your work will often never be more kindred to yourself than the day it is created. So often if I let something stay idle and don’t share it, I will have scrutinized it to its demise.

It is the works that stay with you, that you feel electric about as the years go by, that you hope to share. I recall long ago, the wise Vurstyl advised to me, “Joe, good music is timeless. It doesn’t matter if you release it now or in ten years. Make music that is timeless.”

Over time I’ve recorded a wide amount of music. Some of it has been released on my “Scared Jackal Walk” and “Black Sun Moccasins” albums. Yet more I have saved away for a fitting season. That includes an album titled “Vroom The Unhaunts”.

This album is the epitome of my storytelling concepts for Rattlehawk. In fact, I’ve slowly penned a script for the story that accompanies the album. Much of the music was recorded as far back as 2011, with moments spanning 2006 through 2014. Synthesizer melody and dusty swagger. Tremolo western and a Trans Am desert rumble.

My kind friend Theory Hazit mastered the album. Seventeen songs that take a much more electronic direction than most the Rattlehawk sound.

My valentine to you, out today. You can find it on your digital platform of choice, including Spotify, Apple Music, and Bandcamp. Here is a link to the album on Bandcamp.